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Sisters Too
Viking Sewing Shop

It is true – We are Sister Too Viking Sewing Shop. 

It is also true we offer great Viking Sewing Machines.

Please don’t let our name confuse you... 

We are Sisters who are passionate about SEWING.

NO MATTER what brand name is on your machine, if it sews – join us for a class!

It is incredibly important to us that our common bond is sewing – not the brand name on our machines.

Our numerous project classes can help broaden your range of sewing techniques, including:

  • Helping you incorporate decorative stitches into your projects
  • Making amazing projects to inspire your creativity
  • Introducing you to new sewing machine feet & their amazing uses
  • Extending your use of fabrics
  • Honing your embroidery skills
  • Expanding your use of project embellishments
The list goes on!

So, as you look at the list of upcoming classes & events – please know we look forward to welcoming you to our shop!

Our goal is that you to receive incredible care, support & inspiration as you enjoy your love of sewing.