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Sisters Too
Viking Sewing Shop

How Sister Too Began...

Deidre (right) learned the area Viking Dealer was closing her business, so she asked her sister, Daren (left), if she would like help open a sewing shop.

Both have been sewing since they were very young, are creative and enjoy working with people. 

Also, each share a passion for sharing the love of sewing with other women as a life skill for necessity and leisure time pleasure.

With this, the dream of owning a sewing shop with high-quality machines and a wide variety of classes took shape.

Family is So Important...

Deidre, a family nurse practitioner by education, and her husband, Rick - a retired marine chemist, have made family a special priority.

They have 10 children, 8 of whom are adopted from the USA, China, Vietnam & Korea.

Five of Deidre & Rick's children are grown and on their own, and five children are still at home.  There is never a dull moment in their house!

Daren also has a large family. She and her husband, Brian, have five children all who are grown and on their own. They also enjoy their eight grand children who live in the area.

Everyone at Sisters Too enjoys the opportunity the love of sewing provides as it puts us in touch with so many incredible women in the greater Lafayette community!